Choosing A Motorcycle GPS

Are you looking for the best motorcycle GPS? Well, the kind of motorcycle GPS which could be your best partner during your long rides is definitely out there. Although you have a variety to choose from, you need to select the one that fulfills all your needs. Until recently, even thinking about such a device was impossible, but now most GPS manufacturers are coming up with navigators that are specifically dedicated for motorcycle use. More so, using phones as GPS now is also increasingly becoming popular.

If you have bought these devices before then you know that shopping for them is totally different from buying a car. Since the priorities are different while looking for the best motorcycle GPS you need to consider features such as waterproof, rugged, longer battery life, hands-free together with other features such as having an anti-glare screen. As compared to the car GPS, GPS navigators for motorcycles are a bit expensive. This is because these features are very important for the best one.

What you need to check

Before purchasing what you think is the best, you need to know some of the most essential features which have to be part of the device. First, the device has to be waterproof. When riding a motorcycle, it’s obvious that there are possibilities of rain or water splashes hence the one that’s not waterproof will not last long.

You also need to consider buying one that has a Bluetooth capability. If it has no Bluetooth for earplugs or port for a headset then it’s just as good as having none. You need to know that when you are riding at 15mp or when you are riding on a busy road, GPS with a speaker will not be audible enough. If you buy a device without these features then you will soon be looking for the best motorcycle GPS. Moreover, you need to know the hardware that comes along with it and how many additional things that you will need to buy.

Apart from buying the best GPS, using phones as GPS now is also very important. Since most motorcycle GPS are devices are very expensive, you can opt phones. Unless you are doing a very complex or long ride, there’s a good chance that a phone gps will provide you with all that you need. Although phones are not the perfect replacement for GPS, with some little work you can come up with a system that’s real replacement. Before using a phone, you need to consider features such as software, downloadable apps, mounting, protection, power, and headset.

Overall, if you can’t afford the best motorcycle GPS, using phones as GPS now is the only option. You just need to download an app, know where to mount your phone, wire your power source, install the headset and choose your destination.