YouTube TV vs Hulu with Live TV

Tech industries want to attract millions of people who are upgrading to TV channels that streams over the internet live. Hulu is one of the services that offer live streaming, while YouTube TV is becoming more popular day in day out around the globe. To help you compare YouTube TV and Hulu with Live TV, we have broken down the two TV streaming services.

Hulu TV Live:


The base tier has more than 60 channels while the Just Right tier comes with roughly 80 channels. In addition, Go Big and Final Tier comes with about 100 channels and 120 channels respectively. You can add Cinemax, HBO, and Starz for a separate fee. However, Hulu TV live does not support CBS and there is no option for NFL Network or ShowTime as well. Gaining access to the three networks depends on your location. You can use T and AT channel lookup device to check if you are required to use an antenna. If your location does not support any of those networks, DirecTV Now is an ideal option since it airs it 24 hours a day. This recent introductory promotion costs $60 every month.

ESPN and Sports Streaming:

All Hulu TV Live tiers support ESPN and ESPN 2 but the rest ESPN channels can only be streamed in higher-level tiers. When it comes to sports streaming, the entry-level tier also comes with Fox Sports 1 but with Vue, you’ll be required to upgrade to a higher- level to access regional sports TV channels from Comcast and Fox. However, its coverage comes with some problems from time to time, so ensure you use the lookup tool to see if there is any problem.

Compatible devices:

Hulu TV Live supports Apple TV, Android, Fire TV, Roku devices, LeEco-made Android TVs, iOS, Chrome cast (for Android phones). Xbox One is available but it does not support Live streaming at the moment. However, it doesn’t support a Chromecast on PlayStation 4, Android or iOS TVs that are not made by LeEco.

YouTube TV:


YouTube TV comes with about 50 channels that include original shows featuring YouTube Red subscription. However, it doesn’t support Spike, Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, MTV, TNT, and CNN, TBS as well as Discovery and A&E channels. Channels added to Youtube TV of late include AMC, IFC, and BBC America among other smaller channels. YouTube comes with four major networks which offer live streaming too.


ESPN, ESPN 2, ESPN U, ESPNEWS are all supported by YouTube TV. Sports channels streamed include Fox Sports 1, CBS Sports Network, Big Ten Network and NBC Sports Network by default. However, YouTube TV doesn’t support Turner channels, so you will not have a chance to watch baseball playoffs on TBS or NBA on TNT. With Fox and Comcast, you’ll stream regional sports live although these services are not available in some locations.


YouTube TV is compatible with Android, iOS, the web, Chromecast, and smart TVs. YouTube is planning to support more devices the coming year including Fire TV, PlayStation, Apple TV Roku and Xbox devices.